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Do you have an interest in Dowsing?  Do you want to learn more about this fascinating subject? This is a great place to begin and join with like-minded people.

The Ridings Dowsers cover the whole of Yorkshire. We enjoy site visits to places of historical and cultural interest, hold regular meetings and workshops at Aldborough village hall near Boroughbridge.

Everyone is welcome to join us regardless of their dowsing capabilities. The beauty of being part of a group is that we help each other in a sociable way so that mutual respect and enjoyment are paramount. Remember - we all started somewhere!

The topics of Dowsing that we embrace include Water, Archaeology, Health, Earth Energies, Spirituality and Nature.

Email us at or fill in the details on the Contact page if you have any questions.

Michael Barwell

Chair, Ridings Dowsers

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