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These are links to the websites of other Dowsing groups, workshop leaders who have recently visited Ridings Dowsers and other websites related to dowsing and the landscape.

British Society of Dowsers (BSD)

The BSD organise dowsing conferences and symposiums and produce the journal 'Dowsing Today'. Books and dowsing tools can be purchased through this site.


BSD Logo.png


Westmorland Dowsers

Local dowsing group based at Shap in Cumbria


Westmoreland Dowsers.png


Grahame Gardner, Western Geomancy

Past president of the BSD, author, geopathic stress consultant and organiser of workshops and online courses. Based in Scotland. Books and dowsing tools can be purchased through this site.

Western Geomancy.png

Local Dowsing Group News

News about the activities of local dowsing groups in Britain including forthcoming events, courses and a regular email newsletter.



Adrian Incledon-Webber

Home Healer, author, workshop leader and organiser of annual Earth Energies conferences. Books and dowsing tools can be purchased through this site. 


Dowsing Spirits.png


Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare

Authors, workshop leaders and speakers


Gary & Caroline.jpg

Society of Leyhunters

A forum for all those who are interested in Leys and patterns within the landscape. They organise Moots and walks and send out newsletters to members.

SOL Logo.jpg

Northern Earth Magazine

Earth mysteries publication based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire


Gatekeeper Trust

Personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage in sacred landscape

Gatekeeper Trust.png

The Sherwood Dowser

Member of the Ridings Dowsers based in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire. Free PDF articles about dowsing, landscape geometry and earth mysteries.

sherwood dowser logo.jpg
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