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These are links to the websites of associated dowsing groups, workshop leaders who regularly visit us at Ridings Dowsers, websites of some of our members, other groups allied to dowsing and Zoom groups for Dowsers. Please click on the image or underlined text to link to these websites, or emails in the case of the Zoom groups. More links to past Zoom speakers can be found on the Past Events page.


Westmoreland Dowsers


The Westmoreland Dowsers have members from Lancashire, Cumbria and the Scottish Borders region of Dumfries and Galloway. They meet at Shap Memorial Hall in Cumbria and, like Ridings Dowsers, they offer monthly site visits, talks and workshops.



Westmoreland Dowsers.png
British Society of Dowsers (BSD)


The BSD, to whom Ridings Dowsers are affiliated, offer dowsing courses for all levels.  Books, dowsing tools and online videos can be purchased through the BSD online shop. Members benefit from discounts on courses, conferences, items in the shop and receive the professional journal 'Dowsing Today' three times a year. Members can also attend regular Zoom talks and discussion groups free of charge. The BSD organise bi-annual conferences and symposiums where members and non-members can meet with Dowsing colleagues and attend a variety of talks and workshops. There is also a free BSD YouTube channel open to anyone

BSD Logo.png
Devon Dowsers


The Devon Dowsers offer a distant membership option that allows Dowsers who are not local to Devon to participate in regular Zooms including a Development Group, Book Club and talks by speakers on Dowsing related subjects.  There is also a very informative website and monthly newsletters.

Local Dowsing Group News (LDGN)


News about the activities of local dowsing groups in the UK.



Dowsing Spirits - Adrian Incledon-Webber


Based in Yorkshire, Adrian Incledon-Webber is a regular guest speaker for the Ridings Dowsers at Aldborough Village Hall. He is a home healer, geopathic stress consultant, workshop leader and author. Adrian also organises the annual Earth Energies Re-united and Earth Energies Re-Connected conferences that take place near Avebury. Books and Dowsing tools can be purchased through his website. 

Dowsing Spirits.png
Western Geomancy - Grahame Gardner


Based in Scotland, Grahame has visited the Ridings Dowsers to deliver workshops on several occasions.  Grahame is a geopathic stress consultant, past President of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD), a BSD registered tutor, founder of The Geomancy Group and creator of the Adventures in Dowsing podcast. He offers workshops and courses both in person and online. He has authored several books that can be purchased through his website along with Dowsing tools and other Dowsing related items.

Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare


Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare are authors of the books "The Spine of Albion", "The Power of Centre" and the recently published "The Holy Axis". They travel the land researching Earth Energies and "Dragon Currents". They offer workshops, talks and tours. Their books can be purchased through their website.



Linda Lofthouse
Home Healing  Dowsing  Tarot Readings


Linda Lofthouse Home Healing is a service to heal geopathic stress and detrimental energies in your home and on the occupants. Healing of underground water veins, earth energies, ley lines, shamanic lines, vortices, electro-magnetic problems, trapped spirits, portals and gateways, historical place memories, personal healing, karmic problems, past life vows, chakra healing, psychic chords, energy attachments, spells and much more. Home consultations in North Yorkshire or remote healing available. Linda also runs dowsing courses and has her own YouTube channel

Dowsing floor plan1.jpg


The Sherwood Dowser


Member of the Ridings Dowsers, Mave Calvert (aka Mave Marian, The Sherwood Dowser)  based in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire. Free PDF articles about Dowsing, Earth Energies & Leys, Landscape Geometry and Earth Mysteries

sherwood dowser logo.jpg


Society of Leyhunters


A Forum for all those who are interested in Leys and patterns within the landscape.They organise  Moots around the UK, walks and produce newsletters for members.


SOL Logo.jpg
Gatekeeper Trust


The Gatekeeper Trust is devoted to personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage. It seeks to rediscover the ancient art of pilgrimage as a way of journeying - with an awareness of our environment. It researches both ancient and modern knowledge about the landscape and shares it through an annual programme of journeys and workshops.

Northern Earth Magazine


A quarterly publication based in Todmorden, Lancashire, covering antiquarianism, archaeology, folklore and earth mysteries


Mysterious Earth Conference


Neil McDonald is based in Preston and organises an annual Mysterious Earth Conference  as well as Megalithic Tours.




Earth Energies Zoom Meeting (EEG)


Held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7pm.



Spirituality Special Interest Group (SSIG)


Hosted by Kate Smart of the Malvern Dowsers. On the first Wednesday of every month at 11am.




International Association of Health Dowsers (IAHD)


The IAHD is a network and hub for therapists, energy and health workers using dowsing for health purposes. The aim is to share knowledge and news pertaining to dowsing and health via the media, association bulletins or newsletters and by holding annual conferences and networking events. The IAHD also host Zoom meetings with a variety of guest speakers. Chaired by Jane Court, former trustee, vice president and treasurer of the BSD.



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