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Ridings Dowsers 2024 Programme:


4th February 2024. Ridings Dowsers AGM & Imbolc Merriment with the Bits & Pieces Morris Band

Ridings Dowsers 2023 Programme:

LIMETREES 2023.jpg

November 19th - Guardians of Earth´s Energies with Adrian Incledon-Webber


September 17th - Site Visit: Mount Grace Priory

August 20th – Lime Tree Farm, Ripon

July 30th – Site Visit: Brimham Rocks

June 25th – Site Visit: Cusworth Hall near Doncaster

May 7th – Site Visit: Middleham Castle

April 23rd – Site Visit: Wharram Percy

April 16th – Palmistry Workshop with Alison Bishop

March 26th – Workshop:  Home Healing with Adrian Incledon-Webber

Ridings Dowsers 2022 Programme:


December 12th - Zoom: “My Encounters with the Irish Sidhe” with Melanie Lorien

November 27th – Ridings Dowsers AGM & Yuletide Merriment at Aldborough Village Hall

October 30th – Workshop: "The Cochno Stone & Glasgow's Sacred Geometry" with Grahame Gardner

October 17th – Zoom: “Dowsing Tales from Iberia” with Mave Calvert

September 25th – Site Visit: Fountains Abbey

September 21st – Zoom: “Creating Mandalas in Nature” with Mair Forder

September 13th to 15th – 3-Day Site Visit to the Derbyshire Peak District

August 24th – Zoom: “The Ancient Peak District” with Vicky Wade

August 21st – Site Visit: Castle Hill & Almondbury nr Huddersfield

July 31st – Site Visit: Aldborough & Surroundings

July 20th – Zoom: “Dowsing without Tools” with Mave Calvert

July 13th – Zoom: “The Deva in my Garden”

June 26th - Site Visit: Byland Abbey

June 22nd – Zoom: Summer Solstice Book Club & Meditation

June 15th – Zoom: “Garden Magic” with Mair Forder

May 29th – Site Visit: Richmond Castle

April 24th – Workshop: Healing the Land with Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare

April 11th – Zoom: Past Life Regression with Helen Hardware

April 6th -  Zoom: “Mysteries of the Moon” with Mair Forder

March 27th – Site Visit: Walking the York Ley

March 14th – Zoom: A Virtual Walk around York with Mave Calvert

March 9th – Zoom: Nature Dowsers Special Interest Group

Ridings Dowsers 2021 Programme:

IDD 5 MAY 2021 GRAPHIC.jpg

November 28th  – Workshop: “Spiritual Healing with Dowsing” with Adrian Incledon-Webber

October 24th – Workshop: “Magick for the 21st Century” with Grahame Gardner

September 26th  – Workshop: Water Dowsing Day with Steve Dawson of Dowsing Anglia

August 28th/29th – 2 Day Site Visit: Arbor Low and Bullring Henges in the Derbyshire Peak District

July 25th  – Site Visit: Kirkstall Abbey

​June 27th  – Site Visit: Jervaulx Abbey

June 7th – Zoom “Elements of Dowsing” with Adrian Incledon-Webber

May 24th – Zoom: Dowsing the Kings Hedges

May 10th – Zoom: International Dowsing Day (IDD)

April  12th – Zoom: “Dowsing Dairy Intolerance and associated Allergy Problems” with Avril Holland

April 25th – Zoom: Group Discussion

March 29th – Zoom: “Landscape Journeying and the Gypsy Switch” with Jill Smith

March 15th - Zoom:  “Creating Sacred Space: an Introduction to the Wheel of Life” with Jane Withers

March 1st – Zoom: “Earth Acupuncture” with Richard Creightmore

February 15th  – Zoom:  ”Healing the Landscape” with Jane Withers and Rose Williams of the Gatekeeper Trust

February 1st – Zoom:  “ McTimony: Chiropractic without Manipulation” with Debbie Wilson

January 18th – Zoom: “Meridians are the Ley-Lines of the Human Body” with John Ogden 

January 4th  – Zoom: “Energy Viewing” with David Charman

Ridings Dowsers 2020 'Lockdown' Programme:

Dave would rather be dowsing.jpg

December 21st – Zoom: Ridings Dowsers Virtual Yuletide Merriment 

December 7th – Zoom: “Interpreting Dreams” with Alan Leach

November 30th – Zoom: Ridings Dowsers AGM

November 23rd – Zoom: “Cranial Sacral Therapy” with Lea Miller

November 9th – Zoom: “Paranormal East Yorkshire” with Paul Sinclair of Truthproof

October 26th  Zoom: Andre Sutherland, Geomancer and Architect

October 12th– Zoom: Group Discussion

September 14th – Zoom: “The Landscape Speaks” with Mave Calvert

August 31st – Zoom: “Sand Play” with Natasha Bennett

August 18th -  Zoom: “Heal your Home 2” with Adrian Incledon-Webber

August 4th – Zoom: “Fraying at the Margins” with Nigel Twinn

July 27th – Zoom: Bach Flower Remedies

July 13th – Zoom - “Psychic Protection” with Jane Court

Ridings Dowsers Pre 2020 Events:

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CORK STONE 2009.jpg
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