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In 2019 members of Ridings Dowsers spent three days dowsing the Kilmartin Glen on the West coast of Scotland. There were many wonderful sacred sites but there was one which stood out with several of us, Fort Dunadd, a mystical energy centre where future Kings of Scotland were put through many tests to see if they were suitable to hold the crown of Scotland. As dowsers we often went our own way at the fort and our own dowsing results were based on questions we asked. 

For me Dunadd Hill Fort was a special experience. 

There were four levels of both physical and spiritual significance:-

Past Event Kilmartin.jpg

Level One;

Is ‘ground level’ at the base of and surrounding the Fort. Here there were two permanent, stone structures, one round and one oblong. This is where the new Monarchs/Leaders would be welcomed by the gathered peoples and ‘wise ones’ (both male and female). The round structure was a place where memories could be discussed. The ‘wise ones’ would listen to the future Monarch; hear his or her ‘confessions’ and offer spiritual cleansing. At dawn, the future Monarch would greet the rising Sun and complete their spiritual awakening.

Level Two;

Consisted of an area facing the now risen Sun where the physical cleansing and adornments would take place. Ritual garments and maybe a special bonnet would be worn. Now suitably and impressively attired the retinue moves up to the next level.

Level Three;

Was a very special area and would have been mainly obscured from the people who were gathered at the foot of the hill. Only the future Monarch and the ‘wise ones’ were allowed to be there. There was an Anointing Stone on which the future Monarch would be seated; it is made of black Basalt and had been brought to this place from Ireland. It was here that  ceremonies of initiation and installation would take place, with the swearing of oaths and fealty culminating in the Anointing of the new Monarch.

Level Four;

Was the final stage and the crowds would watch as the new Monarch climbed the few, steep steps to the summit to receive acknowledgement by way of cheering and singing. I believe a period of rejoicing and feasting would follow before everybody returned to their homes. Alas, I received no information regarding the footprint in the stone or its relevance; perhaps our fellow dowsers have something to contribute?

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